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Four Ways To Prepare For Cosmetology School

Maybe you’ve dreamed of a career helping other people to look good and increase their confidence, or maybe you’ve discovered you’re talented at styling hair, providing skin care or applying makeup. You’re considering enrolling in a cosmetology program, but you aren’t sure what you need to do to get ready. Here are four things you […]

Tattoo Trend Predictions For 2016

Trends in tattoos can be predicted by looking at pop culture phenomena in movies, books, and music, themes in jewelry, and by eras that are popular in clothing trends at the moment. Using this criteria as a trend predictor for 2016, there are several trends that are likely to emerge this year to appear on […]

Cashmere Versus Angora: Things To Consider When Purchasing A Poncho, Shawl, Wrap Or Other Luxury Gift

Cashmere wool and angora fur are both associated with luxury and softness unimaginable. If you are trying to decide which luscious luxury item to buy as a gift for someone else or a treat for yourself, it may be a very difficult choice by touch alone. Both are very silky and both can provide substantial […]