How To Keep Your Hair Salon Smooth

You will have a lot that you have to do at home in order to keep your hair looking and feeling as smooth as it did when you left the hair salon. To help you do this, you will want to consider making use of the following suggestions.

Rinse With Some Cold Water

Before you turn off the water from your shower, you will want to quickly rinse your hair with cold water. Warm water opens up the outer layer of your hair, or the hair cuticle. Cold water shrinks it and causes it to close up. This is important because you want the cuticles of the hair to be closed so that the hair strands will lay flat. When they lay flat, they will look a lot smoother. 

Blot Your Hair Dry

You will want to take your time and blot your hair dry with a towel instead of rubbing it dry. The problem with rubbing your hair dry is that it promotes breakage. It can also cause your hair to become very frizzy. If you have a lot of water in your hair, simply wrap large sections of your hair in your towel and squeeze the excess water out.

Keep Up With The Trimming Of  Your Hair

The longer you go without a trim, the more likely it is that you will end up with some split ends. If those split ends get out of control, it can really alter the appearance of your hair. It will start to look unhealthy and some of the split ends can actually divide the stands of your hair from the tips all the way up towards your scalp. Also, the split ends can result in a lot of breakage in your hair, which will result in a lot of uneven length.

Use A Protective Serum 

Talk with your hair stylist about what he or she would recommend for a protective serum for your hair. It is important to remember that some serums are better than others depending on the type of hair that you have. For example, if you have tight curls, you will want a product that was designed for curls. By using the right serum, you will be giving your hair the protection it needs from excessive heat, styling products, and harsh brushing.

With those few tips in mind, you should find that it is going to be very easy to keep your hair nice and smooth looking, just as it is when you first come out of the salon after a nice haircut. To learn more, contact a company like A Cut Above