It’s Easy And Fun To Make Your Own Sundresses

If you like the idea of wearing a summer sundress that no one else will be wearing, then you should make your own. This will give you a one-of-a-kind dress that you will have a great time making. Plus, you can take pride in knowing you made such a great looking dress on your own, instead of simply shopping for a new one. Follow the instructions below to make a sundress for yourself.

Make a sundress out of a shirt

If you have a shirt that you like the design of, then you can continue enjoying it during the summer and you can wear it as a dress at the same time. Follow the step-by-step instructions here to make the dress:

  1. Put the shirt on as you normally would, then continue by putting your arms through the collar of the shirt one at a time. You are going to end up with the collar of the shirt being placed straight across your chest.
  2. If the shirt has short sleeves then you will pull them around your stomach and double knot them together. If the shirt has long sleeves then you will pull them around your back and bring them to the front. Then, tie them in the front using a double not.
  3. Adjust the collar so it’s nice and straight and pull down the shirt all the way so it’s long enough to cover you the same way a sundress would.

Make a sundress out of a pillowcase

Pillowcases come with all kinds of flowery patterns and this makes them a great choice for a nice sundress if you have a smaller frame. Follow these instructions to turn two matching pillow cases into a sundress:

  1. Take one pillow case and cut the end of it open along the seam. Hem it to create a nice and even hem along what will become the bottom of the sundress.
  2. Measure from the top of your chest over your shoulders to that same location on your upper back so you know how long the straps need to be.
  3. Cut the straps out of the other pillow case. You should make them double the width you need them to be so they will be correct when you sew them.
  4. Sew the straps by wrapping them into a tube shape with the inside on the outside. Stick your finger in them and reverse them when you are done so the good side is now on the outside.
  5. Put the pillow case on and have someone else pull it together in the back so it fits you at the top.
  6. Cut the pillow case at an angle, starting at the top and going down about a foot.
  7. Cut the excess off and sew a long zipper (the same length as the cut) to the pillow case with it inside out.
  8. With the pillow case still inside out, sew the straps on it and then turn it right side out.

Now that you know how to make your own sundresses you will have fun creating different ones you can show off on those hot days.