Protecting Your Health At The Salon

Cosmetologists are well-trained professionals who receive ongoing education during their careers. Most are quite good at keeping their customers comfortable while creating lovely hairstyles and performing other beauty treatments. Of course, even if you frequent only reputable salons, you should be aware of a few possible health challenges they may pose and take steps to protect yourself. 

Shampoo Bowl

Great strides have been made in creating shampoo bowls and accessories that are less stressful on your neck, but even with these improvements, you need to be careful. Some people still fear “salon stroke syndrome” due to rare cases of customers suffering a stroke while getting their hair shampooed or in the period shortly thereafter. The syndrome is real, but the chances are low that you will suffer from it. Those at high risk of stroke need to avoid hyperextending their necks as this action can pinch the arteries in the back of the neck and stretch those in front of it. This blood-flow blockage can trigger strokes in a small percentage of the population. Others will suffer from irritated nerves that can cause neck and jaw pain. The answer to this problem can be as simple as using a towel or special neck rest while getting your hair washed in a salon. If you prefer, you can simply kneel on the chair and face the bowl during the shampoo. Either method protects you from injury during the process. 

Pedicure Problems

Much has been written about the danger of infections from salon pedicures, but you do not have to give them up if you take a few steps to protect yourself. Make certain that your salon runs a full ten-minute sanitization cycle between each client. Also do not let your technician turn on the whirlpool foot bath because the jets can be full of fungus and bacteria. You will be safest at a salon that uses individual bath liners in their foot baths. Also, make sure they adequately sterilize their equipment after each use. 

You should not suffer injury or illness from your visit to a salon. Remember that your stylist is a professional who will be happy to address your health concerns. If you need special positioning at the shampoo bowl or reassurance about sanitation at the pedicure station, do not be afraid to ask. Your beauty professionals want you to be happy and healthy when you leave the salon, and they will do what is necessary to ensure that you are.  For more information on salon equipment, contact a professional like Wholesale Salon Equipment.