2 Tips For Caring For Your Coin Collection

Coin collecting is more than just a relaxing hobby; some coins can be worth substantial amounts of money. However, the surfaces of coins are extremely delicate, and this means that you must take special steps to keep them safe from common forms of damage. If you are new to coin collecting, you might benefit from the tips below. They will help ensure that your coins always look great without exposing them to the risk of damage. 

Avoid Touching Your Coins

One of the most enjoyable parts of collecting coins is showing them off to your friends and colleagues. However, you need to avoid touching your coins to ensure that they are kept safe from the harm that the chemicals on your fingertips. These oils can can corrode them and lead to a large amount of dirt accumulation. 

To avoid causing this problem to your coins, you should always make sure to only handle them using gloves. This will prevent the oils from coming into contact with the coins, and it will still allow you the freedom to safely handle your coins when you are wanting to show them off or get a good look at them.

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals To Clean Your Coins

There will eventually come a time when it will be unavoidable that you have to clean your coins. Whether It is due to years of accumulated dirt or staining, cleaning these delicate collectibles can be a stressful experience. Sadly, many people make the mistake of using harsh chemical cleaners on their coins that can cause extensive damage to the surface of the coins. 

Many of these chemicals are extremely acidic and harsh, which can lead to etching on the surface and permanent discoloration of the coin. Fortunately, this does not mean that you have to go without cleaning these coins. You can simply use water and a damp cloth to remove these accumulations from the coin. However, make sure that you thoroughly dry the coins when you are done to ensure that you do not accidentally cause corrosion. 

Keeping your collectible coin collection in excellent condition does not have to be a difficult or confusing task to do. By simply avoiding touching the coins with your bare hands and only using water to clean them, you can help ensure that you coin collection is safe from these common forms of damage that can ravage a collection. If you’re looking for rare coins, visit J & S Gold and Diamond Exchange.