Want To Freshen Up Your Look? 3 Reasons To Head To Your Local Beauty School

Are you looking for a way to freshen up your look? Before you run to the grocery store to buy a box of hair color or let your kid sister experiment with your makeup, you should consider the fact that there might be a better way. Here are three reasons you should head straight to your local beauty school:

1: Students Can Earn Experience

Believe it or not, beauty school students can’t learn everything about haircuts and color weaves by experimenting on mannequins. Real clients come along with new challenges, which is one of the reasons that nearly all beauty schools offer guest services.

Oftentimes, these services are offered by advanced students, who are watched over by more experienced stylists. Although your haircut or nail application might take a little bit longer, you can feel good knowing that you helped to mold an up-and-coming stylist.

When you visit a beauty school, keep in mind that the students are learning as they go. Don’t be afraid to mention things that you want to have changed, or to compliment your stylist for a job well done.

2: You Can Save Money

One of the best things about visiting a beauty school instead of a full-blown salon is that you can save a lot of money. Because your highlighting job or perm might take a little bit longer, services are typically offered for a fraction of the price that an actual salon would charge.

Some schools even have different price brackets based on which level of student helps you out. For example, you might be able to pay next to nothing for a beginner student, while a more advanced student might only cost a little less than a professional. Before you head to the school, call to ask about pricing and experience.

3: You Can Try New Things

Because you can save so much money by visiting a beauty school, you might be able to afford to try a few new things. Here are some other services that might be offered at your local school:

  • Facials: Are you looking for a way to tighten those pores and buff away that dead skin? Check to see if your local beauty school offers facials.
  • Body Treatments: Some schools even offer full-body treatments like mud wraps and cellulite treatments.
  • Professional Makeup: For a fun activity during girls’ night, see if your local beauty school offers professional makeup application. You might be able to spruce up your entire crew before you hit the club.

By taking advantage of some of the services offered by your local beauty school, one like Maryland Beauty Academy, you can help other people learn more about their craft, save some money, and enjoy a little pampering. 

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