3 Ways To Elope In Style

Wedding ceremonies can become expensive and stressful to plan, while courthouse marriages can seem a bit too rushed. Eloping is a happy middle ground for many couples who want to say “I do” in style without a huge price tag. What are some of the most stylish, fun ways to elope?

Elvis Chapel in Las Vegas

If you say “elope,” the first thing most people picture is getting married by an Elvis impersonator in a Las Vegas chapel. There’s a reason this practice has become so iconic: it’s pure, unadulterated fun. You get to spend a weekend soaking in the lights, gambling, shows and sounds of Las Vegas. And you also get to have one of the most distinctive “ministers” perform your ceremony.

For marrying couples trying to hold on to a sense of tradition during elopement, an Elvis chapel, like A Little White Wedding Chapel, is a perfect choice. The practice has existed for decades and holds a unique place in popular culture. The chapel also has a wide variety of packages to suit any marital needs and you know you’ll be in the hands of professionals who truly do this for a living.

Tropical Beach

Want to sink your toes into the sand while you say your vows, but can’t afford to drag the whole family on a destination wedding? Pack up your spouse-to-be and head for someplace with a tropical feel. If you’re heading out of the country, make sure your elopement venue can perform marriages that are legal in the United States. Or you can save a bit of money and administrative hassles and simply head to Florida.

The Sunshine State has elopement venues to suit any bride and groom. Try Daytona to say your vows on the beach, then head off to the racetrack or nearby Orlando for some theme parks. The southern Gulf coast region of Fort Myers, Sanibel and Naples offers beautiful views, historic tours and some world-class shopping. Key West mixes a bit of history with a lot of bar hopping.

Have an Adventure 

Love skydiving, snorkeling or white water rafting? Contact your favorite guide — or the closest one in your area — to arrange an elopement before or during your favorite adventure sport. A guide might be qualified to perform the service, or at least willing to receive the qualification before your elopement. Depending on the activity, you might even be able to conduct the vows while midair or using hand signals underwater.

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