Learn Three Ways To Try A New Hairstyle Without A Long Commitment

Changing your hairstyle can greatly change your look as a whole. If you are ready for a change, but are not ready to actually get a new style there are temporary options available to you. Below is a guide to learn about a few temporary options that you can try to see if changing your hairstyle is something you will be happy with before making the permanent change:

Clip-In Bangs

There are clip-in bangs available that you can get dyed to match your hair perfectly. You can try a side swept bang, a chopped bang, or a wisp style of bang to see if any of them are right for you. The bangs have small clips attached to the base of the bangs so that they clip into your hair without being detectable. They are lightweight so you will not even notice that you are wearing them.

Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

Semi-permanent hair dye is a type of dye that washes out after numerous washings. It allows you to dry different shades of hair dye without actually making any permanent changes to your hair. When the dye has completely washed out, your hair will be restored to its original color. Once you find the shade of dye, you like the best, permanent color can be used to keep the color the way you like it for an extended period of time.

Hair Extension Highlights

Hair extensions can be used to add highlights to your hair. The extensions can be sewn or glued into place so that you do not have to worry about them falling out of your hair accidentally. Both the glue and sewed-in option will allow the extensions to be undetectable and allow you to customize the look however, you want.

The extensions will be cut to ensure that they blend in well with your natural hair and come in a variety of shades to ensure you create the exact look you want. It is best to use natural hair extensions for this type of project because they can be styled with heat whereas hair extensions made from synthetic materials will melt when you attempt to curl or straighten them with a flatiron.

These three easy changes will not change your hair permanently. They will allow you to get a new look within a few hours and give you time to decide if any of them create a look that you would like to have permanently. To learn more, contact a company like His or Hers Salon & Spa with any questions you have.