Hot Tips For The Perfect Wedding Photos

Are you in the process of planning your wedding? Are you trying to make sure that every little thing is perfect? To have perfect wedding photos that you’ll be able to share for years to come, here are a few tips.

Hire a good photographer: Although this may seem obvious, not everyone follows this rule. Often, the photographer is almost an after-thought and is a small part of the over-all budget. However, before hiring any photographer on word of mouth alone, take a look at their entire portfolio. The best photographer won’t be the cheapest one, but it may not be the most expensive either. Remember that a good photographer can often take good shots in poor conditions, but a bad photographer tends to take bad pictures in the best conditions.

Makeup for everyone: When discussing various bridal services, it’s usually only the bride, bridesmaids, and maid of honor that get consideration. However, you should consider having the groom’s side of the bridal party made up as well. Although the groomsmen may consider makeup to be not “macho” enough for them, even the most manly of movie stars wears makeup to look good on the big screen. Other traditionally female bridal services, from businesses like Adevia SpaSalon, that the men should think about include eyebrow tinting or shaping and having hair professionally styled. Having everyone properly prepped will help them to look perfect in front of the camera.

Have lots of lighting: If you’re entertaining the idea of a romantic wedding under the stars, be aware that this will make your photographer’s job much more difficult. Although camera flash and artificial lights can add illumination to the scene, they may return looking washed out or fake. For best results, photographs should be taken in natural daylight if possible. Even if the day dawns cloudy, what natural light there is will help to give the photographs a more realistic look.

Choose desired shots beforehand: Although you’ll undoubtedly want the photographer to capture candid and un-posed shots, decide on several scenes ahead of time and practice the look. For example, you may want a picture of the bride having just put on her wedding gown. Have a friend or relative take pictures of practice poses, allowing you to decide which ones look best and should be captured for posterity on the actual day.

Schedule carefully: You don’t want so many posed photos that you’re late for the reception or, worse, for the ceremony. You’ll end up stressed and not looking your best in the pictures. Schedule enough time to allow you to arrive promptly. If the wedding will be taking place during or near rush hour, have that taken into consideration. Drive the route on the same day of the week, at the same time, as your wedding to see how long it will take. Add an extra fifteen or twenty minutes to account for various mishaps that might happen along the way.

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