Reasons To Consider Getting Body Hair Removal By Electrolysis

In today’s society, it is rare to see a younger person walking around flaunting an abundance of body hair. This is true for not just women but also men. The “Burt Reynolds” look of a man with a carpet of chest hair is as old and outdated as the 1970s time period that it comes from. If you spend a good deal of time every week or even every day getting rid of unwanted body hair, it might be time to look at professional options that can help you. While waxing remains popular, one method that is growing in popularity is electrolysis hair removal. Here are just a few ways that this method of hair removal might be right for you.

No Pain

When you get your body hair removed by waxing, it can be quite painful. Even if the spa worker is experienced at quickly removing the strips, each one can still give your body quite a shock. One of the best reasons to consider removal by electrolysis is because there is no pain involved. After the treatment, the hair that went through the process will simply begin to fall out, with no painful screams required. 

Longer Lasting

When you get body hair removed by electrolysis, your body tends to stay hair-free for a much longer time period than when you do it by waxing. This is because with electrolysis, you are killing the hair right at the root. The entire hair fall out of your body and anything that is left of the root will not recover for a while, if at all. It is even possible to use electrolysis as a means of achieving permanent hair removal with enough treatment. Contrast this with most waxing treatments where the hair that is outside of the skin is removed but most of the root is left in place to continue growing.

Cheaper Than You Might Think

When electrolysis first became available, it was quite expensive. It is still more expensive than waxing, but you might be surprised how much the cost has come down in recent years. With the service becoming more popular, many spas and salons offer deals for new customers, like at Electrolysis & Therapeutic Skin Care By Tracy. Also consider that since electrolysis makes the hair stay away longer, or even forever, you will save money in the long run because you won’t need to keep returning to the spa for a fresh waxing.

Electrolysis hair removal is a pain free way to remove unwanted body hair. It tends to keep the hair from growing back for a longer period of time than other methods, like waxing. Its increasing popularity means you may be able to find a spa that offers the service at a discount.

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