Home Hair Color Mishap? 3 Professional Color Tips That Will Make Your Hair Beautiful Once Again

When it comes to home hair color, the best advice is to never do it, period. Hair color involves a lot more than covering your head with dye. It requires knowledge about color theory, chemistry, application techniques — things your stylist learned over the course of months and years.

However, if the deed is done, you’ve no doubt learned your lesson and are ready to learn how to make your hair beautiful once more. Following are things you can do to fix or minimize the most common home hair color mishaps.

Brassy, Orange, or Red Hair: How To Tone It Down

If your color is a little too warm or a bit on the orange side, you may be able to tone it down with color correcting shampoos and conditioners. These products contain color molecules that coat the hair shaft and slip underneath the raised hair cuticle, which is the outer layer of the hair. If you want to tone down brass, choose the following color correcting products, according to your particular color problem.

  • Yellow hair: Choose purple color correcting shampoos and conditioners
  • Orange hair: Choose red or brown color correcting shampoos and conditioners
  • Red hair: Choose brown color correcting shampoos and conditioners

These products may also be used to correct color fading or to keep color looking rich and vibrant. 

Spongy, Damaged, or Broken Hair: How To Make It Strong Again

If your hair sustained a lot of damage during your home hair color job, you don’t have the option of having your stylist fix it. Before you can even think about putting more color on your hair, you must make it healthy. You can do this through the use of protein hair treatments and deep conditioning treatments. Your stylist can perform these in the salon or she may have some products you can take home. 

Dark, Black, or Intense Color: How To Lighten It Up

If your hair color is too dark or intense, you can lighten it up with a soap cap. To make a soap cap, combine equal amounts of clarifying shampoo with 20-volume color developer. Work the mixture through the hair, paying particular attention to the dark spots. Leave the soap cap on for five minutes before rinsing with warm water. You can repeat this process if necessary. If you’re not comfortable doing it, ask your stylist to do it for you.

Whatever you do, do not attempt to color your hair at home for a second time. All corrective hair color — or any type of hair color, for that matter — should be performed in a salon by a trained professional. If you still have more questions or need further help, contact a company like Academy Of Hair Design for more information.